Welcome to St. Louis Technology Brokers!

STLTB is a Business Solutions Partner committed to accelerating IT outcomes and increasing customer satisfaction by supporting your IT projects through partnership.  We work with you to deliver your technology roadmap through delivering insight, support, project and vendor management to achieve desired business results regardless of the ownership or location of that technology.

We do things differently at STLTB!  If you want to sign the paperwork and be sent on your way, this is not the partnership for you.  Our core values include RESPECT, ACCOUNTABILITY, RELATIONSHIPS, EXCELLENCE and RESULTS!  With this action oriented mindset, we stay involved until the job is done, and even then, we are always available for support or questions.  

Best of all, our services are complimentary to our customers.  You’ll never sign a contract with us!

Need to implement a technology solution?

STLTB has over 20 years of IT experience in needs analysis, vendor evaluation, contract negotiation, implementation and support.  Our goal is to increase customer satisfaction and IT outcomes.

From basic Internet access to VOIP, data center services to penetration testing, data migrations to software development, we have the experience and partnerships to ensure your solution requirements are accurately communicated to qualified partners then delivered on budget and on time.

Don’t want every sales team in the region calling you to sell you on how good their solution is?  Don’t know who to call?  At STLTB, we provide anonymity and an extensive partner list.  We act as an extension of your team, with no cost to you!